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2018 Adaptive Water Ski Nationals Results

Standing Men Overall

Standing Overall.jpg

Seated Men Overall

Seated Overall.jpg

Seated Ladies Overall

Seated women Overall.jpg

Vision Impaired Men Overall

vi men's overall.jpg

Standing Men Slalom

Standing Men Slalom.jpg

Standing Ladies Slalom

Standing women slalom.jpg

Seated Men Slalom

Seated Men's slalom.jpg

Seated Ladies Slalom

Seated womens slalom.jpg

Vision Impaired Men Slalom

VI men's slalom.jpg

Vision Impaired Ladies Slalom

VI women's slalom.jpg

Standing Men Trick

Standing men's trick.jpg

Standing Ladies Trick

Standing women's trick.jpg

Seated men trick

Seated men's trick.jpg

* Pending World Record

Seated Ladies Trick

Seated women's trick.jpg

Vision impaired men trick

VI men's trick.jpg

Vision impaired ladies trick

VI women's trick.jpg

standing men jump

Standing men's jump.jpg

seated men jump

Seated men's jump.jpg

** Pending National Record

seated ladies jump

Seated women's jump.jpg

* Pending World Record

Vision impaired men jump

VI men's jump.jpg
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