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Adaptive Water SKi Equipment:

Beginner Skis and Cages


Beginner Ski


Cage & Beginner Ski

Today there are several manufacturers of sit skis, but all have several common aspects. Typically, beginner skis are wider (approximately 15 inches or more in width) and have some type of a starting block or cleat to hold the rope at the tip. The starting block assists the skier to obtain a planed position on the water during the challenging process
of a deep water start. Beginner skis also have flat bottoms or shallow concaves that add to the stability of the ski. This type of ski is suitable as a beginner ski or for individuals needing added stability.

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Outriggers are two short ski tips attached to the sides of a sit ski. Similar to those used on an outrigger canoe, outriggers on a sit ski greatly increase the stability of the ski. Outriggers assist individuals who otherwise may not have the ability or balance to stabilize a sit ski. They can be attached to any sit ski but usually are used in conjunction with a beginner ski. Outriggers can be easily constructed and plans can be found below.

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Back Support

The sit ski back support is a padded backrest that easily attaches to
the upright supports at the rear of the cage. When the support is in
place the skier can't fall out the back of the cage and onto the tail.
This allows skiers with limited or no sitting balance to ski independently.
The back support will also benefit skiers with extensor
spasticity from bracing with their legs and pushing themselves out
the back of the cage.

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Edge Triple Bar

This device was named after Tony Edge, one of the founders of the British Disabled Water Ski Association (BDWSA). The Edge Triple Bar is a six foot handle which is actually three metal tubes that can interlock and then slide apart into three separate handles attached to the boat by three individual tow lines. The triple bar enables two instructors to physically assist a beginner to start and gain his balance, then separate completely and smoothly from the student and leave him to ski solo. The Edge Triple Bar is an inexpensive substitute for the training boom (barefoot boom).

3 cups


3 cups


Back support

Edge Triple Bar

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- Delger Arm Sling

- Back Support Cage

- Cages

- Footplate

- Outriggers

- Sit Skis - beginner, intermediate, advanced, and jump skis

- Ski bags


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- Carbon Fiber competition ski 

- Custom Cage

- Footplates 

- Back Supports


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- Beginner ski with block

- Adjustable cage

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- Beginner Sit Ski with foot strap

- Adjustable cages with sling

- Triple Bar

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