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Adaptive Water SKi Equipment:

Arm Slings

Adapted Handle

Arm Sling

Delgar Arm Sling & Handle

Ray Delger invented the first arm sling and handle in England in the mid-1970s. The Delger Sling is a modified slalom handle for use by single-arm or hand disabilities. Approximately two inches of exposed handle fit inside a short tube that is attached to a harness worn around the skier's shoulders. The pull on the handle is then shared between the good arm and the opposite shoulder. Release from the device is automatic when the skier lets go of the handle.


Since the advent of the Delger Sling, many modifications and improvements have been made to arm slings. There are a variety of slings available that utilize different configurations of shoulder or torso harnesses that dictate where the pull on the body comes from.


Liquid Access, Florida

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Stokes Arm Sling & Handle

Gregg Stokes (USA) created the first edition of this custom fitted adapted ski handle for arm amputees in 1975. It went through a serious of modifications over the years before Gregg began producing them and offering for sale in 1979.


Adaptive Sports & Adventure Program (ASAP), North Carolina

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3 cups


3 cups


The "Stokes" Handle

1½ cups


CR Wakebar

CR Wakebar

Four part image showing how the CR Wakbar works

The CR Wakebar is a harness/pully block system with an automatic quick release. Half the strength is required to hold the handle, the other half is well distributed by the harness. The tow system is equipped with an automatic quick release, releasing the connection to the harness immediately once the skier releases or loses the handle.


Cape Reamol GMBH, Austria


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