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 USA Adaptive Water Ski World Team

Team USA is proudly Sponsored by:

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Frank Harrison
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Michigan Water Ski Association

Will & Elaine Bush

Robert Harris


USA Adaptive Water SKi World Team Members

(Click on a skier to learn more!)

Marco Bungert
Nick Fairall
Chad Guzman
Eli Hager
Katie Mawby
Elisa Nelson
Robbie Parks
Janet Paulsen
Connor Poggetto
Mike Royal
Gregg Stokes
Sarah Switzer
Craig Timm
Chuck Wesson



Team Staff

Geneva Brett
Geneva Brett

Geneva Brett

Team Manager

Matthew Oberholtz



Team Coach

Jessica Van Dyk


vAn Dyk

Assistant Manager

Brian Detrick



Assistant Coach

Keith Barbour



Team Physician

Become a TEAM USA Buoy Buddy!

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We, the USA Adaptive Water Ski Team, need to fund our trip to the World Championships this year. We’re the only country to medal in all 13 Worlds (won 8 of them), and we are the only country to win 4 consecutive Worlds, and the only self funded team among our fiercest competitors.


Skiing’s expensive and we know most clubs and skiers don’t have a lot of extra money to contribute to others.  So we came up with a Buoy Buddy Campaign.  A Buoy Buddy is a person, club, business, or organization that contributes $1 per team member to help with our Worlds expenses, estimated at $85,000. 


There are 19 of us on this year’s Team; 14 athletes and 5 volunteer staff. That's just $19 total! (Of course we’ll happily accept a donation of any amount:-) ). 


Please do check us out and share our Buoy Buddy request with your members, family, and friends.

You can donate via the PayPal link below or by mailing a check to USA-AWSWS  c/o Neva Brett 1155 E Pacheco Blvd, Los Banos, CA  93635. (As a USA-WSWS sports discipline, donations are a charitable contribution. IRS EIN # 59-0841458)


We truly appreciate your time and consideration and wish you the absolute best of life!

Team USA Buoy Buddies:

Jeff Staockpole

Mike Switzer

Eddie Carick

Kimberly Grieser

Stephanie Horsley

SkiMore Tours

MN Hydrofoil Club

Craig Stephens

Judith Switzer

Arkady Faktorovich

Larry Blackwell

David Hurwitz

Neva Brett

Greg Custodio

Jill Savage

Janet Paulsen

George Manners

Dan Reed

Trish Switzer

Trudy Harper

Teresa Branson

Dan Federspil

Janice Lee

Christopher Sheppard

Kent Sandhagen

Bill Murbach

Richard & DJ Barcellos

Jerry Bearden

Lorie & Scott McCain

Show your support
For Team USA

Support Team USA as we travel to Norway in 2019 to compete against some of the best adaptive skiers in the world for the team title. Donate to the team or become a sponsor and help us come home with the gold! 

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