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26TH US Adaptive National Water Ski Championships/Team Trials 2022 Info

Date:     May 11th, 2022


TO:        USA Adaptive Water Ski & Wake Sports Members  


FROM:  The Kentucky Lake Ski Nuts

              Twin Oaks Lakes Lake Owners Association

              Tournament Directors – Joe Burkhead & Pat Coomes


CC:       Appointed Officials 

             USA Adaptive Water Ski & Wake Sports BOD 

             USA Water Ski Competition & Events Coordinator 


SUBJECT: 26TH US Adaptive National Water Ski Championships/Team Trials 


The Kentucky Lake Ski Nuts are pleased to welcome the USA Adaptive Water Skiers to Twin Oaks Lakes in Paducah, KY for the 26th  USA Adaptive Water Ski National Championships/ Team Trials. The home of the Kentucky Lake Ski Nuts is Twin Oaks Lakes, located at 2345 Oaks Road, Paducah, KY.  This address will work in your GPS and is located right on the ski site. Site is in the southwest corner of Oaks Road and Interstate 24.


The title sponsor for this event is the Barbara Bolding/Jim Grew Fund. Many thanks to Jim for his continued generosity in supporting this event. 


In addition to placements in the National Tournament, the results from this event will be used to select the members of the US Adaptive Water Ski Team that will compete in the 2023 World Disabled Water Ski Championships. 


Enclosed please find the following:


1 Tournament Information Sheet

2 USA-AWSWS Entry Form (attached)

3 USA-WSWS Waiver Forms (attached)

4 USA-AWSWS Athlete Biography Form (attached)

5 Provisional Schedule of Events

6 List of Officials 

7 USA-AWSWS United States Team Selection  Process (attached)


Please use this information to complete your entry form and plan your trip to Twin Oaks Lakes. Please be aware of the September 8th, 2022 deadline for entry.


On behalf of the LOC, officials, and volunteers, we very much look forward to hosting this event and wish you good luck in this summer’s competitions. 



Joe Burkhead & Pat Coomes

The Kentucky Lake Ski Nuts and Twin Oaks Lakes Lake Ownership Association, Inc.



Tournament Information Sheet 


Event Name – 26th USA Adaptive National Championships & Team Trials


Date – September 14th-17th, 2022


Location – Twin Oaks Lakes, Paducah, KY. Twin Oaks Lakes is a private water ski site which has hosted numerous Southern Regional Championships, a Collegiate Nationals, the 2018 Adaptive Nationals, and many other tournaments.  The GPS address is 2345 Oaks Road, Paducah, KY. 

Lodging – We are using the Auburn Place Hotel & Suites as the HQ hotel. It is a newly renovated facility, with six wheelchair accessible rooms, so you will need to book early if you want to get reservations at that facility. Tournament rates for the period of the tournament are.

  • Auburn Place - $84+tax per night. 

  • Holiday Inn Express - $129 per night plus tax 


Other motels very close to Auburn Place include Holiday Inn Express, Candlewood Suites, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Hampton Inn, Homewood, and Residence Inn. These are all located within roughly one-quarter mile of Auburn Place.  The Holiday Inn Express is a sister motel to Auburn Place, located on adjoining property.

Auburn Place Hotel & Suits      Host Hotel

3994 Hinkleville RD 

Paducah, Kentucky 42001

Search: "Auburn Place Hotel & Suits Paducah"

Phone: 270-444-7667    "Hotel's Direct Line."

Do not use Web site for booking! Call Hotel Directly!

Room Rate $84+Tax To get Special Rate Ask for "SKI NUTS" Discount


La Quinta Inn & Suites     Banquet Location

3960 Coleman Crossing Circle

Paducah, KY  42001

(270) 443-4800

Search: “LaQuinta Inn Paducah”


Candlewood Suites

3940 Coleman Crossing Circle

Paducah, KY 42001

(270) 442-3969

Search: “Candlewood Suites Paducah”


Fairfield Inn & Suites

3950 Coleman Crossing Circle

Paducah, KY 42001

 (270) 442-1700

Search: “Fairfield Inn Paducah”


Hampton Inn

3901 Coleman Crossing Circle

Paducah, KY 42001

(270) 442-0200

Search: “Hampton Inn Paducah”


Homewood Suites

3925 Coleman Crossing Circle

Paducah, KY 42001

(270) 443-0009

Search: “Homewood Suites Paducah”


Residence Inn

3900 Coleman Crossing Circle

Paducah, KY 42001

(270) 444-3966

Search: “Residence Inn Paducah”


Holiday Inn Express

3996 Hinkleville Road

Paducah, KY  42001

(270) 442-8874

Search: “Holiday Inn Express Paducah”

Air Travel – The nearest commercial airport is Barkley Regional Airport in Paducah. Barkley is serviced by United, two flights per day in and out, connecting through Chicago, so there are excellent options from all parts of the country.  Rentals cars are available (hand controls if needed – 48 hours’ notice) from Hertz and Avis, at no additional charge for special equipment.  


The nearest international airport is Nashville International (TN), approximately 2 hours from Paducah. Hertz at that location also provides disability equipped rental cars at no additional charge.  


Event Registration/Check In – Please complete and submit the Entry Form, Waiver, Athlete Biography, Membership ID Card, Proof of Performance, and entry fee to the registration chairperson, Patricia Bryant. Mailing address is:

P.O. Box5, Beechmont, KY  42323.


Onsite registration and check-in will take place at Twin Oaks Lakes on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 13th and 14th.


Banquet – The Awards Banquet will be held Saturday evening following the tournament at 

the La Quinta Inn and Suites, 3960 Coleman Crossing Circle (Paducah). Each entry fee includes one banquet ticket.  Additional tickets can be purchased while at the tournament, but must be purchased no later than Friday morning of the tournament. Additional tickets will be $25/each



Site Familiarization (SF) – Site Familiarization will take place on Wednesday, September 14th 

between 8 am and 4 pm. Preference in the running order will be given to USA-AWSWS BOD members who must be present at the BOD meeting. The SF order of events will be Slalom (less Vision Impaired), Trick, Jump, Vision Impaired Slalom. 


Skiers will register in person for SF at the ski site on Wednesday morning, paying their SF fee at the time that their names are added to the SF running order. The fee per set is $15. Please note, we have limited time for SF. Skiers will be allotted one slot and asked to sign up and ski in only one event during SF. Skiers must pick their one event when registering. If there is extra time after every signed up skier has had one set, skiers will be allowed a second set, one per skier, until 4 PM, following the order of their original sign.  Skiers will be asked to pay for this second set when signing up.

A set consists of 4 slalom passes, 4 trick passes, 2 jumps, or a max of 10 minutes.  If a skier is not ready to ski when his/her name is called, he/she will be bypassed. Once there are no SF skiers in line and ready to ski in a particular event, SF in the next scheduled event will begin with no backtracking for those who missed their SF opportunity. The LOC will provide notice of SF skiers’ running orders and the impending close of SF in any event, before moving to the next event. SLALOM SKIERS MUST BE AWARE THAT THEY ARE FIRST OFF THE DOCK.  SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY! 


Classification – The tournament will identify skiers in the disability categories recognized by the 

International Water Ski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF). These categories are: 


 A1        Arm Disability

 A2        Arm Disability 

 L          Leg Amputee 

 LP        Leg Amputee with Prosthesis 

 A/L1    Arm and Leg Disability 

 A/L2    Arm and Leg Disability 

 MP1    Multiple Plegics/double leg amputee

 MP2    Multiple Plegics/double leg amputee 

 MP3    Multiple Plegics/double leg amputee 

 MP4    Multiple Plegics/double leg amputee

 MP5    Multiple Plegics/double leg amputee

 V1        Totally Blind 

 V2/3     Partially Sighted 


Testing – Testing for classification will be by appointment only. MP and A/L Testing will take place on Wednesday. If you need to be classified, please make an appointment with Jennifer Moore who will conduct classification Wednesday morning at the ski lake. Review Provisional Schedule below. VI Skiers must also come to the Medical Tent at the date and time listed above to present statements from an ophthalmologist as to their visual acuity and field cuts per the 2021 IWWF Water Ski for the Disabled Competition Handbook. All skiers should refer to the 2021 IWWF Water Ski for the Disabled Competition Handbook Addendum to determine the need for classification and the necessary information to be provided to the classification team. The rules can be found on the IWWF website.   


Any questions regarding classification, scheduled testing times, and/or requirements should be sent, in advance, to  


 Entry – To submit an entry for the 26th US  Adaptive National Championships & Team Trials, it is important to return all of the following items to the event registrar: 


1. Proof of USA Water Ski Membership

2. USA Water Ski Membership must show "WSD" as primary discipline if qualifying for US Team

3. Completed Official Tournament Entry Form (Attached)

3. Entry Fee 

4. Signed Event Waiver Form (Attached)

5. Proof of Performance 

6. Completed Athlete Biography (Attached)


All participants must be active members of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. To be considered for a spot on the 2023 US Adaptive Water Ski Team "WSD" must be selected as your primary sports discipline. (See Team Selection Process). You can join USA-WSWS or update a membership at  Please enter your USA Water Ski & Wake Sports membership number in the space provided on the official tournament entry form. Skiers from outside the USA who are active members of a foreign federation may join USA-WSWS for event purposes. This covers the cost of insurance while participating in a USA-WSWS sanctioned event. Foreign federation members must provide proof of their active federation membership. 


Minimum Qualification Standards - The following performances must be verified in writing 

by an IWWF or USA Water Ski & Wake Sports official, coach or individual and submitted with entry form for registration, in order to be complete. Skiers may qualify through September 14th, 2022 and show proof of qualification at Event Registration & Check In. This means that a skier (including jumpers) may qualify up to and during Site Familiarization held on September 14th, 2022. The performance standards for each event are as follows: 


 • Jump: Successful jump on any ramp height. Please note that the ramp can only be set to 4’ 7”and 5’. We             will attempt to improve the lower height, but are limited by the lift mechanism.

 • Tricks: Minimum qualification score of 100 points boards, 25 points skis

 • Slalom: Completed pass at the minimum allowable speed. 


A skier qualified in one event may compete in a second event (unqualified) with valid 

documentation showing that he has met the above listed criteria in that one event. A skier MUST qualify in jump, as no first time jumpers are allowed to compete.


A skier qualified in two events may compete in a third event (unqualified) with valid documentation showing he has met the above listed criteria in two events. A skier MUST qualify in jump as no first time jumpers are allowed to compete.


Jump ramp heights can be different between site familiarization and Nationals competition, but skiers are encouraged to qualify and compete at the identical ramp heights. 


Proof of Performance – A Water Ski Athlete Performance Record Card (available from USA 

Water Ski & Wake Sports at no charge) or a copy of the official scorebook will serve as proof of rating. Proof of rating should be submitted with the official tournament entry form; however, a skier may qualify up to September 14th at Site Familiarization and present proof of qualification at the tournament Event Registration & Check-In tent. 

Entry Fee – The applicable entry fee (includes 1 banquet ticket) must accompany the entry form 

to be accepted. For those who fail to qualify, the entry fee minus a $20 administration and 

processing fee will be returned. The fee for participants is as follows: 


      1 Event - $90, 2 Events - $100, 3 Events - $110


Entry Deadline – 5:00 p.m. CDT, September 8th, 2022. All entries must be on the Official Tournament Entry Form.    


Late Entries – The official tournament entry form will be accepted after the September 8th deadline provided the contestant pays a late fee of $20.00 per day, payable with your entry form. The deadline for late entries is September 13th, at 5:00 PM. ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE AND TIME. 



26th US Adaptive National Championship/ Team Trials

September 14-17, 2022


Twin Oaks Lakes

2345 Oaks Road

Paducah, KY


Wednesday, September  14th – Twin Oaks Lakes

08:00 am to 04:00 pm Site Familiarization – Twin Oaks Lakes 


8:00 am to 02:00 pm – Event Registration/Check-In - Twin Oaks Lakes


08:00 am to 01:00 pm – Medical Classification Medical Tent, Twin Oaks Lakes


12:00 pm to 04:00 pm – Scorer Setup & Running Order - Officials Pavilion, Twin Oaks Lakes


2:00 pm to 5:00 pm –  USA-AWSWS  BOD Meeting at Twin Oaks Lakes.


5:30 pm to 6:30 pm Officials Meeting – Officials Pavilion, Twin Oaks Lakes


6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Skiers Meeting – Twin Oaks Lakes


Thursday, September  15th – Twin Oaks Lakes/South Lake


8:00 am to Close – Round 1 Slalom, Round 1 Trick 


Friday, September  16th – Twin Oaks Lakes/South Lake


8:00 am to Close – Round 2 Slalom, Round 1 Jump 


Saturday, September 17th - Twin Oaks Lakes/South Lake


8:00 am to Close – Round 2 Trick, Round 2 Jump 


Awards Banquet - Will be at the La Quinta Inn & Suites – 7:00 PM or one hour after completion of tournament.


This is a provisional schedule of events for planning purposes only. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change. The final version of the schedule will be available at the event registration on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022.

26th USA Disabled National Championships & Team Trials

September 14-17, 2022

Twin Oaks Lakes, Paducah, KY




Chief Judge

  • Dan Van Dyk



  • Joe Burkhead

  • Jim Grew

  • Bobby Hill

  • Carl Marquess

  • Mike Schmitt

  • Glenn Bowie


Classification Judge

  • Jennifer Moore



  • Chief Scorer - Terry Roer 

  • Assistant Chief Scorer – Cathy Burkhead



  • Chief Driver – Bob Archambeau

  • Assistant Chief Driver – Pat Coomes


Tech Controller 

  • Scott Snape


Safety Director 

  • Chief Safety Director – Simon Gray

  • Assistant Chief Safety Director – Corey Hawes



  • Aric Fine



  • Patricia Bryant

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